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I am Marietta Dantonio-Madsen, artist, professor of art and chair person at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, and outreach coordinator for Survivors Art Foundation. I am also known as "Dream Weaver" Manitu Ntasimi, by my
Lenape friends and family.

In 1998 I had a vision...This was not an uncommon thing for me. Since I was a young child my art work was created from my dreams and visions. In this vision, I saw thousands of wooden story poles similar to totem poles of the Pacific Northwest, standing tall, proud, beautifully painted and carved, all saying the same thing: We Are Survivors!!!

I also heard the sound of many drums beating, the sounds of melodic voices in harmony, and the sounds of the earth. The harmony of dancers footsteps vibrated deep within me. I knew my new vision was to be called "Totem Rhythms".

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